A 12 week course to take you to take you to a life with balance, passion and freedom.


Are you sick and tired of moving through life robotically, constantly running from one activity to the next? Have you spent years searching for the “next thing” only to end up exactly where you started? Do you feel detached from your passions? Are you even aware of what you’re passionate about?

Does this day to day cycle leave you exhausted, disconnected and frustrated?

Girl, I feel ya!! That was me a few short years ago. I graduated college and ran head first into a teaching career in a new city while tackling my master’s degree. I felt overwhelmed, unprepared and alone. I was constantly drained, anxious and struggling to make it all work. As I began to find my voice, I felt unbalanced and confused.

So naturally, i found the “next thing”. I jumped head first into a nomadic traveling lifestyle. I loved the vibe and the adventure, yet I missed the connection of friends & family. I was still searching for my purpose and motivation. I felt longing to enjoy the present moment without the rush to what’s next.

I craved the balance of connection, drive, and adventure. When I was home for too long with friends and family I was yearning for adventure. And when I was away on adventure for too long I was eager to see my family and friends. I began aching to use my talents to do more than just explore.


This living grey zone left me feeling anxious, exhausted, out of shape (mentally, physically, and spiritually), and underwhelmed even in the midst of the most beautiful paradises the world has to offer. I needed to do more, be more.It wasn’t working for me, and I knew I needed a big shift. Like, right now.

So, as I floated in paradise on my favorite pineapple float. I got serious about doing all the internal work that would bring greater pleasure and joy to my external experiences. I journaled, became clear on my core values, and discovered what was non-negotiable in my own life, so I could finally LIVE WITH FREEDOM no matter my geographic location.

If you are sick and tired of life looking really great on the outside, but feeling a little blah on the inside, there is another way.

Imagine a life full of balance and passion.

Imagine a life where you wake up everyday excited for new adventures and experiences. My life’s purpose is to provide you the tools, tips & tricks to create a life full of love, balance, and freedom to explore your every desire. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t ;)

Are you ready to take the jump head first to build a life where you feel joy, purpose, and passion all while nurturing yourself?



This program includes:

  • 9 one on one coaching calls

  • A personally curated program to fit your needs & goals

  • A coaching guidebook  with all of your resources and tools

  • Suggested Reading & Topics to Explore

  • Plus a few bonus surprises along the way!

What you will learn:

  • How to create small habits daily that lead to big energetic shifts

  • Define and understand your core desired feelings to move from a place of being

  • Tools to find balance between work and play

  • Ways to create a positive mindset, and be present in your life

  • Gain clarity around your passions and how to live them each & every day

  • How to put in the work to live a life of freedom and passion



Three payments of $250.


Take the leap. Let’s do this!