Traveler's Spotlight: Heather Lewis Flowers



Today Heather Flowers is sharing her story of how she works to live her passion everyday. Heather has overcome some amazing challenges, is a hard worker, and extremely kind. I had the pleasure of living with her my first year in Charleston. Read on to see how this beauty is crushing her life! 


What do you currently do for work? 

I currently teach fourth grade and am an independent ambassador for Plexus Worldwide. Both jobs fill up my cup in different ways.


Describe your self in 3 words. 

Honest, disciplined, grateful – I had to ask my husband to help me out with these! ;)


What are you passionate about? 

Health and wellness – helping people realize living a healthier, cleaner life is not as hard as they think and giving them the resources to reach their health goals


How do you live your passion daily? 

By chatting with friends, family and even strangers about the importance of gut health. I also just created a blog, NaturalwithFlowers, that highlights products and lifestyle tips to live a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle. I researched a lot when I was home during chemotherapy and tried many products, so I wanted to create an resource where people could try new, safe products without spending a ton of money trying them all. 


What challenges did you overcome to reach where you are now? 

That little C word stinks. But mostly fear, emotions and all those little voices in your head. Your mindset really does matter when you’re going through rough patches in life. Although I probably wouldn’t be living out my passion as hard if it weren’t for that life experience. It changed me for sure.

How do you prioritize your passion? 

I realized it was really what makes me “tick” and I believe once you have found that, you need to act on that. Your passion brings daily happiness. Who cares what people think? Life is too short.

 Best advice you have ever gotten that has helped you do what you love? 

My dad used to tell me to “go for it”. He never doubted my decisions and always told me that I was young and had time to figure everything out. When I wanted to start a blog, I heard him tell me to just do it. Stop being scared and just do it!

Why is it important to you to live your passion? 

LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Yes that needed capital letters. If there is anything cancer and losing my dad at a young age (you can relate) has taught me it’s that tomorrow is not promised. Unfortunately, people who don’t go through life changing, hard experiences like that stay “stuck” and unhappy in positions or in life because it’s comfortable. 

What is your super power? 

Not sure, but I like to think I have good intuition. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

The future is definitely unwritten and I’m not sure if I’ll be in the same town, job, or anything but in five years I hope I’m just healthy and living with a house full of kids by then. 

Want to hear more from Heather? Check out her blog Natural with Flowers or her instagram @naturalwithflowers.