Traveler's Spotlight: Cortney Ostrosky


We asked Cortney some awesome questions and are so excited to feature this badass Yogi & Life Coach on our Traveler's Spotlight today!


Why is it important to you to live your passion? 

Because the alternative means spiritual death.


How do you live your passion even when life is throwing curveballs and sh!t your way? 

Remember that the only thing I can control in life is my effort and attitude.


What is your super power? 

I asked my boyfriend what he thought my super power is and he said “Hyper-Aware”. I agree!


Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I love what I do now so I’d like to be doing the same! In addition to that I’d also be writing bestselling books, creating positive impact on a global level, and have complete financial freedom.


What do you currently do for work? 

I teach yoga classes, workshops, and retreats all over the world. I also coach and mentor yoga teachers, small business owners, and anyone looking to live a life with purpose with a program I created called “Craft Your Path”.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Creative. Rebel. Light Seeker.


What are you passionate about? 

Using my gifts to empower and inspire the world.


How do you live your passion daily? 

I live my passion daily by prioritizing whats important to me and what lights me up, being grateful (always), and making necessary sacrifices (for instance giving up alcohol for months at a time) to make sure my energy is being consciously focused on what brings me joy.


What challenges did you overcome to reach where you are now? 

Where shall I start, lol?! Most challenges came from within like a loud inner critic and self doubt. I also worked at at a ton of odd and end jobs that stole my joy (and my soul), I experienced financial problems, physical (and emotional) injuries, judgement, the list could go on.



How do you prioritize your passion? 

By exercising my ability to say “no”  I’m able to say “yes” to my passion.


Best advice you have ever gotten that has helped you do what you love? 

Take advice from people who are getting the results that you want.


Worst advice you have ever gotten? 

Worrying for people means that you care.


What is your favorite way to fill up your self-love tank? 

Massage, epsom salt baths, alone time, travel, sunshine, infrared sauna, so many favorites!


Favorite “happy dance” song? 

It changes on the weekly, but right now its: “Show Me Love - EDX Remix / Radio Edit”


Favorite Place to Visit? 

Southern California, because my soul feels at home there. The 1000's steps in Laguna Beach are a must do!